Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Lydia

Little Lydia is a former image of herself. Once a bright and aspiring pupil, her young life took a tragic turn when her mother and father died suddenly. No one knows what happened that night, but we all assume that Lydia saw something so horrible she plucked out her own eyes.

Lydia was intended to be an entry in a $20 prop contest, but she did not arrive in time to compete. The thrift store provided inspiration with her costume and favorite stuffed animal.

We were given a bunch of free foam, so that was the preferred material for her body. Here we have her body roughed out by laminating three rough cut layers with cheap white glue.

Her wig was a cheap eBay purchase, and not exactly what we wanted. Her head is traditional paper mache over a small balloon.

Foam is surprisingly strong, but her feet needed reinforcement. Coat hanger and duct tape to the rescue!

This shot shows her head freshly coated with DAS clay and her eyes, nose and mouth cut out.

She seemed a bit flat so we added a fourth and fifth layer of foam to build out her belly and backside. Also added a neck stump that we abandoned later.

I am no
t sure why we covered her body in mache. I just started doing it and liked it. Her arms are foam laminated over coat hanger wire. Her hands are DAS clay built up on a coat hanger wire skeleton. The new and improved neck is a scrap wood dowel glued in the foam. Here she is with her little dress on.

Her neck stump will be painted white after her head is mounted.

Lydia & Bruin

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