Sunday, May 17, 2009 Deer Wing Test

We decided that the deer corpse needed wings. After some consideration we settled on bat wings, and even found a bat wing calculator (you gotta love the internet) from the good people at Zombietronix.
PVC seemed logical and aluminum worked well for the hinge joints. Though it won't be animated we did want to be able to change wing position to fit her mood. As pictured the elbow and finger joints can be individually actuated. Bruin (Boo) thought he could bring some scale to the photo - he's 70 pounds. He even busted out his psychological thriller expression to add depth.

There is much finish work to be done to turn the PVC to bone and we are still debating the best material to use for the membrane.

Sunday, May 3, 2009 A Bone and his Dog

This little ditty from the Post (full article here) was too good to pass up. Professor Gordon S. "Grover" Krantz with his beloved Irish Wolfhound Clyde.

Krantz was a teacher of osteology at Washington State University and dreamed of donating his bones to the Smithsonian. Indeed, other corpses must view him with envy. First his decomposition enthralls the faculty at the Tennessee Body Farm, and now school kids snicker at his bones.