Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Bride of Old House at Kents Store

A haunted friend recognized the old house from our previous post and sent us a few of their photos of the place. Thanks!!

This shot really shows off the house. Its straight roof line is amazing given the apparent condition of the foundation

Interior shot of a first floor room. The piano is the perfect touch, isn't it?

This shot of a second floor bedroom with one of the collapsed chimneys is distressing. Without intervention this gem will be down soon.

And finally, it is time to play what do you see in the window? Look closely!


Jeanne said...

Now that gave me goosebumps! Quite creepy! Do you think it a true apparition or maybe just a trick or the light and years of dust? Any history of the place??

And what a shame that such a gem of a place is falling down. Though I am sure it would take a small fortune to restore it!

Anonymous said...

Unless you win the lottery, don't even think about it :)

Phil said...

Sweetie I won the lottery the day you said yes!

Anonymous said...


Brenda LaBell said...

What a shame!! The old houses are so grand with so much more character, charm and REAL WOOD, compared to the new stepford wives houses being built today. Hummm who is that in the window?


Jonty said...

Born & bred in the UK we don't have these old style houses but man i think they are so cool. It's a shame to see many turn of the centuray houses like this but they still look awesome even run down.